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Tips for Choosing a Flower Delivery Service Each one of us deserves getting fresh flowers, so go right ahead have some delivered to a loved one – or even yourself. The word is fresh, and of course, that is usually tantamount to beautiful. It’s wrong to say that flower delivery services are all the same in providing fresh and beautiful blooms. However, with the following tips, you should be able to find the one that is right for you: 1. Search ahead of time.
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If you plan to order flowers for a particular occasion or event, take note that the demand for flowers differs, depending on the season. The Yuletide season triggers so many sales, and so does Valentine’s Day. The wedding season begins in May and continues up to October. Floral services are in great demand in these times, so it’s wrong to wait until the last minute to search for a florist who can satisfy your needs.
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2. Ask for referrals and check out reviews. As with any service, the recommendations or referrals of past or present customers are very important. If you want to order flowers for a wedding, for instance, ask your friends who recently tied the knot. Or check online to know which florists in your area enjoy good ratings. 3. Clarify the florist’s covered area. Make it a point that your florist does serve the area in which you’d like the arrangements delivered. Be cautious with florists that are located a bit too far, especially if the flowers are meant for a special occasion. For instance, some churches have a very limited time window for accepting flower deliveries, so if your florist is caught in bad traffic, there can be a serious delay. 4. Inquire about substitution policies. Sometimes, flower shops have trouble getting particular colors and varieties. Ask them how they go about supply problems. Also ask them if they will change the price quote if they need to substitute specific flowers. 5. Go for a consultation. Florists typically provide free consultations. When ordering flowers for a large event, such as a wedding, ask for an appointment in advance, considering that you may need to coordinate with specially trained staff. If you feel that they are pressuring you to order, look elsewhere. 6. Talk about the price. Talk to a florist about their price range for the specific flowers or arrangements you would like to order. If it’s too pricey, ask for more affordable packages or alternatives that fit into your budget. Also inquire about payments and deposits. If you’re ordering for a big event, you will likely be asked for a deposit. In that case, always ask for a receipt. In any case, go over your contract and see if the deposit is refundable.