Cable Providers – Cable Service Providers Are Hated For These Reasons

Is it possible to have a decent cable provider?

According to a research conducted, apparently not!

Cable service providers do not provide the level of customer satisfaction that they should. There are many reasons why people do not like their current service providers. In the bottom portion of this article, I will discuss some of the common reasons why people do not like their cable service providers.

#1 – Poor Customer service!

According to a research conducted by University of Miami, Consumers named Comcast the worst company in America since 2012. In addition, Time Warner Cable is the lowest rated provider in the United States. The reason why these top cable providers are low-rated is because of the prices that come with them. Consumers feel that there is no loyalty.

The reasons why consumers feel that there is no loyalty is because of the renewal contracts. At first, most cable companies will offer you cheap bundles, like getting internet and cable for roughly 150 dollars a month. When the contract expires, you will have to pay more. Cable providers only reserve the new attractive contracts for new customers.

# 2 – Too many useless channels!

The explosion of networks in the cable industry is one of the reasons for the spike in bills. Consumers are forced to pay for hundreds of channels that they do not watch. One of the ways you can resolve the issue with over-paying for channels is by bundling the channels.

You can also set up top-boxes and adapters to your TV for online streaming use.

Can you resolve all the current problems that people are having with cable service providers?

The way you resolve of the current issues that most cable service consumers face is by switching to a better service provider. Most people make the mistake of jumping from one service provider to the next without really taking the time to find great deals.

Something that many consumers do not know is they are charged for many things that they do not have any control over. Service providers also charge their consumers for the marketing costs they use to attract new customers and keep the ones they already have.

If you can cut the cost of the marketing fees and the extra channel fees that appears on your bill, you can save up to 35% alone. Luckily for you, there are organizations of experts who offer free reports to those who want better quality and service on the cable.