Cable Company Dilemma – Here Are Two Reasons You Hate Your Cable Company

There is a good chance that your cable company and you are not the best of friends. In a recent study by NYU, cable service providers often experience the worst level of consumer dissatisfaction out of all the industries in America. As of today, cable service providers have passed banking as the worst customer satisfaction industry. A survey also found that 58% of cable customers said they would leave their providers if they could.

There are a multitude of reasons why people want to leave their providers. Luckily for you, no matter what bothers you the most about your provider, there is something you can do to resolve the issue.

Below are some reasons consumers hate their cable companies.

#1 – Lack Of Choice

There are only a few companies that fully dominate the cable industry. Comcast and Time Warner Cable Company, the two biggest cable companies, are planning to merge. The pool of cable service providers is already narrow and is shrinking. In addition, another study conducted by NYU stated that 79% of consumers believe that their cable providers are taking advantage of them.

Although alternatives exist for cable, Bruce Leichtman, a researcher who specializes in entertainment and broadband industries, says 95 percent of United States Residents have access to satellite TV like DirecTV and Dish. 45% have access to over-builders, which are non-cable providers like Verizon that launch their networks in markets that already have cable service providers.

Services like Hulu and Netflix offer TV shows and movies to subscribers where no cable box is required.

#2 – There is no loyalty

In a promotional offer, you can get a TV and Internet service together for 100 dollars a month. But after the promotional period ends, your bill will increase dramatically, although the cable company continues to promote the same cheap deals. It turns out that the low rates are reserved for new customers only.

How Can You Fix These Problems?

You fix these problems by switching your service provider to one that has a higher customer satisfaction. Bills are on the rise and the way to save money on your cable service bill is to get one that does not charge consumers on marketing costs.

Cable companies around the world charge consumers the marketing costs that they use to attract new customers and keep the ones they already have.

Luckily for you, there are organizations of experts who offer free and incredible reports to those who want to seriously acquire a better service.